How to Make a Paper Strip Rainbow

How to Make a Paper Strip Rainbow

These paper strip rainbows are FUN and it's really simple to do! If you have a pack of construction paper, a pair of scissors and a punch, you're ready to go! You can make this cute little rainbow ship in less than 10 minutes.

I was at Costco a few years ago and they had these huge mega pack construction papers on a super discount sale. So I bought 3 GIANT packet construction papers. You know, because I have 3 kids, right?

Over the past few years, we've been slowly going through a package (still at least half of us left… lol). And the other two packages are still untouched. So I think it's a good time to start trying some construction paper crafts here in One Little Project!?

I am a huge fan of brightly colored handicrafts… bonus points if rainbow colors are available! Let's try this at home, the super cute tutorial inspired.

These paper rainbows are a fun way to celebrate spring time. Or at any time. Rainbow is pretty great no matter what time of year!

How to Make a Paper Strip Rainbow

Here is a list of what you need. The following affiliate links will take you to products similar to the consumables we use to make this ship on Amazon:

Construction Paper (Rainbow Colors)


Staples / Staples

Cotton balls

All you need is a sheet of construction paper from all the colors of the rainbow. The shape of these rainbows looks best when you use 6 different colors.

Construction paper is usually 12 inches x 9 inches (or at least ours).

Cut a 1-inch strip from the short end of the construction paper. The ribbon should be 1 inch x 9 inches.

If you plan to make most of this paper rainbow, a paper cutter really helps make the cut faster.

To make a rainbow, you need 1 inch strips from every color of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

Then you need to crop each color to be about 1 inch shorter than the previous color. So we did this:

Red: 9 inches (full length)

Orange: 8 inches

Yellow: 7 inch

Green: 6 inches

Blue: 5 inches

Purple: 4 inches

Load the paper strips one over the other in the order of the rainbow. Be sure to align all the tips to one side, as in the photo below.

Then, staple about 1/4 inch from the tip in all 6 strips.

Next, you need to align the ends of the other end of each strip of paper.

Start by matching the ends of the two shortest strips (in our case purple and blue). Then individually align the end of the next color until all the ends are combined.

Again, staple the paper strips approximately 1/4 inch from the end.

Your paper strips should now look like a rainbow. Just like the photo below.

The only thing we're missing is clouds.

To make the clouds, you need to swell a cotton ball. If you can easily separate the cotton ball into a cloud, great!

Ours did not separate easily, so I used scissors to make a small cut on one side of the cotton ball.

Then I was able to split it into a cloud shape.

Place one end of the rainbow in the middle of the cotton ball.

Then fold the cotton ball up from both sides and staple it to the rainbow to hold it in place.

Repeat for the cotton ball on the other side of the rainbow and you're done!

These paper strip rainbows are a great way to use your construction paper. They are so beautiful!

Tie a string around the red strip of paper and hang them from the ceiling, wall or window.

They stand upright on their own, which I love! So you can use them as cute little decorations on children's night tables or dressers.

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