Escher x Nendo: A Transcendent Exhibition in Australia’s Cultural Quality

Escher x Nendo: A Transcendent Exhibition in Australia’s Cultural Quality

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I am somewhere between 3 o'clock on Wednesday and enjoying an ASMR-like response my mind has just received from what I have just seen.




The best art exhibition I have ever seen.

Or, more formally, Escher X nendo | Located between NGV in Melbourne, Australia, the Exhibition Between Two Worlds is a world-class city that I have already fallen in love with in a few days.

The exhibition M.C. is a retrospective on it. Escher - Dutch artist popular with his paradoxical drawings (many of them are actually lithographs - that is, they were drawn into limestone with wax pen and then scraped with an acid for printing). As you navigate through the various works on display, you will find Escher has a mind-blowing mastery in various printing techniques (woodcuts, mezzotins and lithographs).

If you love Escher or love art on this topic, the exhibition is emotional as a whole. I looked around the room and saw the bosses with a frozen look of curiosity, curiosity and pleasure. For me, the emotions (such as the mosaics in his work) that were wrapped around my mind held me, both laughing at the absurdity of the abilities exhibited, and fitting my chin to how the human hand created these things.

The exhibition is like walking in a documentary and for short moments when you feel that you are in Escher's head - after his early childhood discoveries, the years of development, the selfish (in his own words) mastery of his craft. By catching Escher with the observations and the difficulties he has for himself, you just show off.

It would be profound to display this comprehensive collection on its own, but collaboration with nendo, a Japanese design studio founded by Oki Sato, makes this curation worth booking a trip to Australia.

Just like Escher likes to create trompe löoe ("blind eye") artifacts, nendo manipulates the iconic form of a house to display these iconic pieces in mysterious ways.

Metal bars that bend themselves within the framework of artworks in a room form the outlines of a house from a certain perspective.

In another, a maze of black and white house structures provides an artistic canopy to Escher's mosaic discoveries.

Taking the motif even further, a corridor of alternative black and white house forms leads to a decay that exhibits Escher's best-known pieces. These work icons (Waterfall, Relativity, Ascending and Descending) stand adjacent to a series of circular house icons cut from thin metal plates that represent the geometric engravings that are part of the process.

Finally, a serpentine road takes you to his latest work and masterpiece Snakes. The exhibition is embodied as “fifty years of printmaking… a masterpiece of technical brilliance and a sophisticated expression of order and logic”.

The dual expression of art and architecture is what makes this kind of success - a mandatory pilgrimage for Escher fans or those who need inspiration. The Melbourne fund - with its street art, diversity and multicultural food - will make sure to turn this inspiration into a lifetime trekking.

The Escher X nendo exhibition takes place from December 2, 2018 to April 7, 2019 at the Victoria National Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.

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