Writing (I think) about the best travel movies was fun. Firstly, I like looking for movie photos. And two, all of these movies bring a smile to my face. I don't know about you, but I blame Hollywood for my partly ongoing passion for travel.

No, I blame Steven Spielberg in particular. I don't really want to eat monkey brains, but Indiana Jones movies catch the heart of the adventure. Of course, here are the top 20 travel movies of all time. These pictures are legally provided, btw.


This takes one of my favorite travel movies down, but it's hard to say which movie I like the most. Temple of Resurrection, Lost Arc Raiders or the Last Crusade? It's all great.

How can you forget this moment?

2. Lost in Translation

After living in Japan, I watched Lost in Translation again and was quite surprised at how accurately this movie depicts Tokyo. If you haven't been to Japan or Tokyo before, it may be easy to miss the inner cultural brilliance of this movie. However, Sofia Coppola took this movie seriously.

But yes, being the only stranger who shares a crowded elevator with a group of salaries is one of many insights this movie portrays about life in Tokyo. And without a clear umbrella reflecting all the bright lights and raindrops, you can't enjoy Tokyo in the rain. That's why Lost in Translation is one of the best travel movies of all time.

3. The Wizard of Oz

First, this is still very nice. But Dorothy went on the best adventure of her life and learned a very important lesson: there is really no place like home. The Wizard of Oz is at the top of my list of my favorite travel movies of all time because I'm sure every traveler can identify with it no matter how often you leave home.

4. in Brugge

When I first saw it in Bruges, I thought it was fine. But after traveling to Bruges, I watched it again and couldn't stop laughing. I mean, Colin Farrell hates this cute little town, and the poor hate expression throughout the movie is nothing funny.

5. into the wild

Into the Wild should be at the top of the list of the best travel movies. It's a very heavy, but very good story.

6. The Lord of the Rings Movies

I would have lied if I said the Lord of the Rings movies did not inspire me to make my first trip to New Zealand. Between legendary journeys and breathtaking scenery of Middle-earth, The Lord of the Rings series is definitely at the top of my list of best travel movies.

7. Eat Pray Love

Food Prayer Love can be a stereotypical story - "the girl leaves life to find herself." But I do not like to watch this movie, for some of this I will relive my time in Bali and even in Vietnam. I can imagine myself in my strangest yoga pants, riding bicycles and walking around the streets… .sigh. Isn't that what travel movies should do?

8. Chocolate

There's something in this movie that allows me to move to a small city in France and open a chocolate shop. This has been a dream for me since my childhood, but watching this movie inspires me to dream more. And of course, who doesn't love Johnny Depp?

9. Bourne Movies

I love watching Jason Bourne chase all over Europe and the world. These movies are ranked high on my favorite watch list overall, but they are also highly inspiring travel movies.

10. Midnight in Paris

I liked Midnight in Paris, and the pioneer of the movie is very interesting and simple. Being a tough screenwriter, Gil goes to Paris, who will soon be his wife, to find out that he is not the best match soon. However, Gil is obsessed with this romantic understanding of Paris of the 1920s and finds a magical way to relive it. Also, the movie is heavily tuned in Paris, so you'll see many places throughout the movie.

11. The Grand Budapest Hotel: Traveler Reviews

The cinematography of this movie is interesting, but I had to add it to this list. Who didn't see where this hotel is on Google?

12. Vegas Holidays

This movie is cut out on the list of best travel-related movies for family reason, other than that it doesn't catch a lost period of the pre-GPS period.

13. Jurassic Park

I haven't seen Jurassic Park in the movie listings about travel, but I put it there. 1) Adventure 2) Beautiful place 3) Dinosaurs.

14. Closer

I approached the list because it happens in London and is about an unusually young girl who finds herself abroad. When I first saw it, I was living in London at the time, which was taking too long. But I remember one of my best friends and I saw it in a small theater one night, and after the movie was over, we sat there in awe. What an incredible movie and story, I must say that he captured London in its most gloomy form.

15. Darjeeling Limited

Darjeeling Limited is about three siblings who have reshaped their family ties. He wants to reconnect with his two older brothers on a train journey through India. Sounds fun…

16. Interstellar

Interstellar is the last journey, but most of this movie was shot in Iceland. Surreal landscapes, especially the scene here, brought Iceland to the top of my must-see list. It is definitely one of the best travel movies of all time.

17. Out of Africa

This movie has a classic and a young Robert Redford (more reasons to like it). But he was also nominated for several Academy Awards, including the best cinematography. So you cannot watch this movie and you are not inspired to travel. I was amazed that I didn't see much on the list of the best travel movies of all time.

18. Casino Royale

Like Jason Bourne, James Bond is the ultimate badass jet setter, except that he does it in style. Plus, I think Daniel Craig makes the best James Bond. Every scene is like a GQ shot.

19. Beach

Backpackers explore a hidden island outside Thailand. Everything looks perfect, but nothing is as it seems. The theme of this movie is interesting and lets you think about the nature of human behavior.

20. Harry Potter Series

I had to include the Harry Potter franchise in this list, because seriously, how many people can say that it did not inspire them not to want to explore castles in England or London to search for the real Diagon Alley? Exactly.

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