A Pan Gnocchi with sundried tomatoes and white beans

A Pan Gnocchi with sundried tomatoes and white beans

A healthy vegetarian recipe for a pan gnocchi with sun-dried tomatoes, white beans, spinach and mushrooms! Ready in 30 minutes.

Ugh! October 1st! Is this crazy or what?!

A crazy city in my mind in October… My sister's wedding, Kai's 2nd birthday, Ben's 2nd non-birthday (I'll leave this ?).

And it's time for the October thesis crisis. It should start to look like a real thesis soon, not a random piece here and there. (Sorry for the thesis speech between now and December 14. I'm stuck in the basement I was working on during the day and I'm going crazy ... I even went to the point of talking to myself!)

So basically I will need some easy recipes for my October until my arm. And today I have a very easy recipe for us: a pan gnocchi!

Have you ever eaten fried pan gnocchi? ALL awesome SORTS.

I first saw Nigella do this and then I had to try it for myself. Here's the deal: packaged gnocchi, some olive oil, salt and pepper and hot pan. Cook to the bottom. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. So awesome!

I got this idea and added a few ingredients to turn this pan gnocchi into a full meal: white beans for some proteins, spinach and mushrooms for some nutrient content, and sun-dried tomatoes to increase flavor.

I made sure I rolled these sun-dried tomatoes beautifully and nicely, because (let me call it crazy) big sun-dried tomato pieces are no good for me. Sun dried tomato flavor is very strong and we don't want anything very good ?

In addition to sun-dried tomatoes, I added paprika flakes for a touch. 1/2 teaspoon is enough for me, feel free to add more or less to taste!

And cheese. Of course. I can't forget the Parmesan cheese. A nice shower just before serving.

Easy peasy, healthy, vegetarian, made with a group of pantry staples and ready in 30 minutes. And it's just a frying pan.

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