6 easy ways to dress up a tin can

6 easy ways to dress up a tin can

6 easy ways to dress up a tin can

Easy and Creative DIY Recycled Craft Ideas

If you're looking for fun and easily recycled craft ideas, try adding some personality to simple old TIN CANS! You can never guess that these beautiful and unique containers are made from soup cans that normally result in garbage.

This canister can be used for recycled projects, home and office organization, beautiful desk screens, holiday wreath, a smart little vase, makeup brush holders or anything you want to keep tidy around the house or just make it more beautiful.

This simple idea is very budget friendly and easy enough for kids. You can close a tin can in almost anything, you just need to be creative with the materials you have at home.

1. Sticks and Hot Glue

This design took me the longest but it is definitely my favorite. The sticks make a perfect rustic container for displaying holiday garlands and flowers. My daughter said it looked like something I bought from a store. Isn't it the BEST?

I ordered these sticks on Amazon because I live in the desert. Such a cheater! They have become the perfect height for these boxes, but if you are using rods from your garden, it is clear that you need to size them.

Align the FIRST stick you applied as straight as possible, it is the ultimate guide on how to place all other bars.

Some of your sticks will not be friends, so be selective when you put them side by side before applying glue to avoid large gaps.

When laying your sticks over glue, start from the bottom of the box. It is best that they overlap flat at the top and bottom

Now that you have all these useful tips, place some hot glue on the top and bottom of the box where you plan to place each bar and press it into the glue for a few seconds before continuing. to the next one.

2. Mode Split and Print Outputs

This idea is very simple and can be used with any kind of paper (newspaper, book pages, sheet music, etc.). I just printed the flower on the ephemera size.

After sizing your paper, use a sponge brush to apply a thin layer of mod podge to the back of the paper, and then press it into the box using your fingers to fix the lumps.

Paper is probably the easiest way to add small personality to a tin can. You can even print anything you can imagine, even your family photos!

3. Big Burlap Strip

The burlap ribbon provides the perfect canister disguise, especially for holiday center pieces.

I used these 5 strips of burlap I bought for my Christmas tree last year and it was the ideal length to close a box. Use hot glue to glue just one end, wrap it around the box, and then use a little more glue to keep it in place on the other end.

I finished by tying some string on it. You can also use a colored ribbon and change it for every changing season.

4. Wrap Rope

Once again, your hot glue gun will come in handy for this! Simply wrap and paste, wrap and paste, wrap and paste and go around the box until it's completely covered. Capish? I started from the top and worked down.

You can use almost any type of small string or string for this. I used the extra cotton cord I folded from a project I did years ago.

5. Paint and Chalkboard Labels

The picture looks like an obvious way to dress up a tin can, but it looks much more attractive if you use sandpaper when it dries to make antiques. I also added a chalkboard sticker that I left off my pantry labels.

I applied white matte acrylic paint with a small paint brush, and since I planned to sand after the paint was dry, I wasn't worried about a few brush strokes, so I just covered it with a sloppy coat.

6. Fabric Wrapped

For this easy makeup, use pieces of fabric and even old clothes. Fixing this takes some time and effort (plus ironing), but it's worth it.

Cut and measure your fabric with plenty of room for overlapping, then fold and iron all edges to prevent loosening and loose threads. Use hot glue to stick it in the box. Done!

My husband saw me doing these and suggested that the stuffed leather in a drawer use leftover leftovers. It turned out to be a pretty good idea!

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