40 Free and Easy Animal Sketch Drawing Information and Ideas

40 Free and Easy Animal Sketch Drawing Information and Ideas

Animal drawing can be one of the most satisfying ways to express your artistic tendencies, and I've gathered some ideas to help and inspire you along the way. Here are some ideas to help you and 40 easy animal sketch drawing ideas to talk about the lessons I learned myself.

I love animals and love drawing, so 2 things would always come together somehow.

Trying to grab the cheerful expression of the loving dog or the eyebrows of an unapproved cat can make you smile long before any sketch ends. From rough single-line sketches to photo realistic portraits, you will never find the trouble of people who want to see your animal drawings.

Creating an easy animal sketch might look creepy, but as I said about other things, don't be intimidated. Divide everything into simple components, then you can combine these components together to create any animal in any pose you want.

Useful Drawing Tips

Take it slow

As always, I suggest collecting as many reference materials as possible. Try to find as many pictures of the animal as you can at the desired location. You don't have to do the whole drawing at once.

Maybe start with one leg - draw as you can see, gradually arrange the shapes of the limb sections. Then make a few sketches when the joints are moved a little further in every way.

To capture the dynamic movement that is often missing in some drawings, try to imagine the effect of a section's movement on the next movement.

Understanding the Image

As you can see from the sketches, by dividing the image into small, manageable and simple sections, it means that the draft will start life really quickly. Remember with many animals, most of the first lines will disappear behind the fur you will add later. So don't worry too much about adjusting lines.

Once you are satisfied with the basic shapes, you can start adding thinner shapes. Starting to add fur will allow you to start creating depth and 3-dimensional dimension in your drawings.

The eyes and the posture of the animals give you the chance to convey the emotions of the drawing. Do not forget to keep them together, the tired eyes on the face of a playing kitten will never look right, so match the emotions with the drawing.

In hairless or short-haired animals, the folds on the skin give you the chance to create the same 3-dimensionality, but you can rely more on shade and tone to help you create the effect.

Friction, smudging, and partial wiping of lines and shadow can help make the drawing feel more 'organic', and dark 3D pencils help you get the most out of any drawing's darker areas.


Final shading can also be done in many ways, cross-drawing darker areas helps push them back in the image. However, shading in one direction can help you graduate darkened areas from time to time more easily and emphasize the direction of hair flow.

If necessary, final details can be added with a very sharp pencil. This can be used to draw attention to certain areas. It is also physically very small, but it can highlight important parts of the drawing.

Using different sizes of pencil tip can also help you create the texture you will need.

It is especially effective with fur if you are using a rounded worn pencil tip and adding small very fine lines on it. It is one of the tools I use when trying to create more realistic drawings, and it makes it much easier to create different pencil and line sizes, shapes and depths.

Don't stress

First of all, don't forget to enjoy it all the time. If you have difficulty in stopping, take a break, turn off for a while. You will usually find it easier when you return.

Sometimes the fastest way to finish drawing is to stop and walk away. You can have this idea or enlightenment needed to complete your drawing, you can only approach with a new eye.

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